We usually perform concerts on behalf of charities and other good causes, or as a part of local music festivals. We are always interested in new opportunities, so if you would like us to sing for you - and you can guarantee a good audience - then please do get in touch.

Please feel free to use any of the material on this web site for the purposes of promoting or reviewing our concerts. If you wish to use any of the material for other purposes, please ask.

Images and hyperlinks

Images can be obtained directly from our on-line gallery. Click on the image that you require and it will expand to fill most of your screen. Right-click on this expanded image and select 'save image as...' (or equivalent), or click on the download icon in the bottom-left of the image, to save a copy to your computer.

You may also wish to put our website URL (www.orielsingers.org.uk)and our logo onto your posters, web sites and programmes. Right-click on the images below to download them.

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Some promoters have produced excellent A5 flyers and posters, which have been distributed to local shops, businesses, community centres, doctors' surgeries and churches. There are some fine examples on our gallery page.

If you do produce a flyer then please send us a copy and we will put it on this website. If your concert is near to Cheltenham then choir members may be able to put up a few around the town, if you send us hard copies.

Do remember to include our website URL (www.orielsingers.org.uk) and logo.

Local media

The best concert promoters make contact with local media organisations. Town and village magazines and church notices/newsletters are obvious places to advertise, as are local businesses. Local newspapers will often offer a free events listings service.

Charities often have email distribution lists and newsletters which will make sure that many willing supporters know about the concert. You may even get a slot on local radio or an article in a local newspaper, particularly if you can link it to a good story about the work of your charity.

Local papers may accept review articles after the event, particularly if you write it for them and provide photographs. This can be a good way to raise awareness of your charity.

If you have a local festival, then it is often a good idea to hold the concert during the festival, or at least to advertise it during that period. Also, never underestimate word-of-mouth: if you know people who have been to one of our concerts before, then get them to spread the word.

Some promoters turn the concert into an event by providing food before, during or after the main music-making. If you have a team of culinary-minded volunteers then this can be an enjoyable way to attract more audience. We will sometimes sing lollipop numbers with post-concert food.

It is worth putting effort into good advertising: a large audience makes the concert more enjoyable for everybody, as well as raising money for a good cause. Our record fundraising amount is £17,500 in a packed Cirencester Parish Church; this was achieved by Cotswold Life, who put together a Christmas concert with celebrity readings. This was an exceptional amount which we would love to exceed one day!

Concert practicalities

Running a choir like ours is quite expensive as we must buy music and hire rehearsal venues. We therefore request a fee. All profits are yours to keep.

We generally ask to use the concert venue for a few hours before the performance so that we can rehearse. Concert venues that are moderately warm and with toilets are preferable.

We also ask for a cup of tea between the rehearsal and concert, if this is possible. We definitely sing better when we have had a chance to relax a little before we perform!

Please do not let any of the above put you off: do please contact us to discuss the best way to work with the arrangements that are appropriate for you.